Friday, October 31, 2008

Challenge #5 Layouts

Issa, our DT had this challenge for the ladies..........
For the very last challenge, the ladies had to create a 12x12 Masculine Page with flourishes on it!

And these were the submissions for this challenge:

Congratulations Ladies!!!
Everyone did extremely well in all the challenges!
Good Luck Ladies!
Do look out for the results as we will be announcing them here over the weekend!!

Challenge #4 Layouts

A challenge was set by our RD, Liza Yet, for the marathoners to create a Layout with 5 different types OR colours of scrapbook mediums.

The ladies really did well in this challenge!

Here are the submission:

The following scrappers are going forward to Challenge #5
1. Gracie
2. Timi
4. Khei
5. Vivs
6. Maya
7. Felicia
8. Helga
Congrats Ladies!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clue #5

"Mr Mojo Returned"
Do leave a word "Mojo"
at this blog post
if you have found the challenge!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Challenge #3 Layouts

It's Cookie's turn, our newly crowned
to host Challenge #3

The challenge was to create a 12x12 layout
using pattern paper no more than 4x4 inches in size
Journalling & photo has to be
included as well

Our scrappers never fail to impress
us yet again!!

Here are the layouts for challenge #3

The following scrappers are
going forward to Challenge #4

1. Timi
2. Felicia
3. Helga
4. Khei
5. Maya
6. Gracie
7. Vivs
8. Tilte

Congrats Ladies!!!
We are really happy that all the ladies
have made it thru Challenge #4
This is so exciting!!!


Clue #4

"Happiest NSD Weekend"

Do leave a word "NSD"
at this blog post
if you have found the clue!!

Good Luck Girls!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mini Challenge @ 9pm

Here's a chance to win
yourself a mini RAK

A simple challenge

Gather 20 pieces of
Basic Grey pattern papers
Take a picture and
post it at your blog!!

Isn't it easy?!!
The 1st scrapper to post it
at their blog
and leave the link at this post
will win a mini RAK
sponsored by our RD, Liza Yet

Hurry Gather those PPS!!!

*This Mini Challenge is open to all scrappers*

SK Marathon Mini Challenge @ 9pm

Do come back here at 9pm today
for a mini challenge
and win yourself a RAK!!

Challenge #2 Layouts

Aside from the slight twist
scrappers managed to find the
challenge at RD Jasmin's blog!

Scrappers has to come up
with the most creative photo matting
And we were definately not
disappointed with the creations
by the scrappers!!
Awesomely Creative!!!

Here are the creative layouts for
Challenge #2

The following scrappers are
going forward to Challenge #3

1. Felicia
2. Khei
3. Maya
4. Vivs
5. Timi
6. Helga
7. Gracie
8. Tilte

We are sad to see Yvette leave the marathon!
Thanks Yvette for your support to Scrappin Kids!!

For the rest of the scrappers....

Clue #3

"Newly Crowned"

Do leave a word "Crown"
at this blog post
if you have found
the challenge!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Challenge #1 Layouts

All the scrappers managed to find the challenge
at our DT Jessy's blog :)
It was a unique challenge
to scrap about your favourite outfit!!
And the scrappers definately
did not fail to amaze us with their creativity!!!

Here are the lovely layouts for
Challenge #1

The following scrappers are
going forward to Challenge #2

1. Khei
2. Gracie
3. Vivs
4. Tilte
5. Maya
6. Helga
7. Felicia
8. Yvette
9. Timi


SK Crew would like to highlight again
that all layouts has to be posted
at the challenge post
by 9am the next day!!!
As for this challenge 1,
we are being nice to bend that rule :)
But for future challenge
we will not be accepting any layout
posted after 9am!

Scrappers please take note
all layouts for this Marathon
has to be exclusive for this Marathon!

Let's Race, Scrap & Win!!

Clue #2

Clue #2


Do leave a word "Sammy"
at this blog post 
if you have found the clue!!

Good Luck Ladies!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here is
Clue #1


Do leave a word "Click"
at this blog post
if you have found
the challenge!!!

* Do go to Marathon Chat at the SK Forum

for a Marathon Chat!*

See you at 9!

In less than 2 hours
We will be posting the 1st clue here!

So what you should do
when you see the clue??

Read the clue, 
think which SK RD/DT
it was describing about!
Go to the blog
and look for the challenge!
Easy isn't it!!!
You have 24hours to do the layout

See you at 9!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Believe it or not!!!
The Race Starts 

For those scrappers who had
registered with us
Do leave a comment at this post
and include the above pic
at your blog!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st Year Anniversary Submissions

These are the Lovely and Precious Layouts submitted by our lovely scrappers

Birthday Celebration

Scrappin Kids is celebrating its 1 year birthday this month
We are definately celebrating it in a bash!!!
Here sharing with you our
birthday celebration bash!!



Scrappin Kids blog is in need of a revamp
Do design a blog banner for Scrappin Kids
The winning blog banner will be up
at our blog for a year!!
Isn't that great!!
We will credit your design at our blog 
for the whole year!
Submit your design to
by 31st October 2008
with the header
"New SK Banner"

How do we determine the winner?
Scrappers have to complete all 5 challenges
in order to be judge
Scrappin Kids crew along with a guest judge
 will pick their favourite
Winners will win attractive stash!!

To register email us at
with the header 
"SK Marathon @ 9"
Registration close on 23rd October 2008
There will be a lot of scrapbooking stuffs to be won!!
So what you waiting for.....

Join the Marathon Chat at our forum
and do look out for more informations
on the Marathon here!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"CeleBrate" October

Firstly we would like to apologize 
for the late posting for October challenge!
It had been a busy week celebrating the Hari Raya Festival

Here's wishing all our muslim scrappers

Scrappin Kids is celebrating its
1 Year Anniversary 
this month.....look at how time flies!!!

Scrappin Kids crew would like to say
to everyone
who had been supporting Scrappin Kids 
and playing along with us for the past year!!!
Really looking forward for more great years to come

Challenge #13
We are in the party mood at Scrappin Kids!!
Let's look back at all the 
past 12 challenges at Scrappin Kids
This month layout challenge is 
to pick your favourite past Scrappin Kids challenge
and do a layout from it!!!
Isn't it easy?!!!
*to find out what's the past challenges are,
just click at the blog archieve*

Let's check out the favourites challenges 
of our Residence Designers

My First
by Jasmin
"This layout has a special meaning to me.
It features my 1st newborn, Nabillah, who is now 12 years old.
With her, I have gained my first experience as a mother
and I am sure there are more new life encounters
for me as she goes through life.
This layout is extra special as it is also my first layout
for Scrappin Kids as a Residence Designer 
and my very 1st creation as a design team member.
This was when I was still 
"learning how to walk" and trying 
to establish my style of creation.
So the title "My First" in this layout 
definately holds many special meaning to me."

1st Smile
by Liza
"This layout of Aaqil's first smile for Challenge #2 
remains my absolute favourite as it always warms up
my heart whenever I look at this photo & layout!!
It's such a precious photo and 
that it always reminds me how thankful I am 
that I have Aaqil in my life"

3 is not a Crowd
by Wati
"This Lovey Challenge really touched me as it is 
my 1st layout of me, Chris & Adam!
I love this photo to bits and being able to scrap about it
is just amazing!!"

Here are the layouts by our Design Team
scrapping about their favourite challenge

Time With You
by Cookie
"My favourite challenge is the June Challenge,
Bonding between fathers and our little ones.
I've been wanting to scrap bonding pictures of my husband
 and son.
They look good together!!!
I fell so blessed having Henry as the father of my son.
He always see to it that Harvey is taken good care of.
I thank God for giving me him!"

Extreme Family Fun 
by Issa
"I chose Lovey February....capturing the bonding moments of a family
This photo was taken during my mom's birthday held in Tagaytay.
Eating is one of the best bonding moments ever in my family.
We all gather up, tell stories 
while dining & enjoying each other's company"

Uncle & Nephew
by Jessy
"I chose Bonding Challenge #9 because I really love these pictures
I recently snapped at our resident.
Photos of my nephew, Constantine and DH, Eric.
Eric seldom got hold of an opportunity to really play 
and spend time with Constantine as we seldom meet him.
I really love the fact that they actually enjoying each other's company.
Totally an uncle & an nephew bonding moments"

Do link your layout (on your blog) in the comments section
or send us a copy by email to
Do let us know which challenge is your favourite and why.
Please submit by Friday, 31st October 2008 Midnight Eastern Time
International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge

Since, it's 
CeleBrate October
we will pick 3 favourites 
instead of 1!!!
The Raks will be sponsored by 
our very own residence designer, Wati
Do share your creations with us!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Challenge #12 Winner

It was really fun to see the layout
that describe about your Mini ME!

Thanks to all for your lovely submissions

Scrappin Kids Crew's favourite is
 Oriental Beauty

Congrats Timi!!
We really love the colours used on this layout
just go along with the whole theme!
Timi will be receiving a RAK sponsored by
Scrapping Chix
Scrappin Kids will be keeping in touch with you shortly

Thanks again for your lovely submissions,
and we look forward to seeing more lovely creations