Sunday, October 26, 2008

Challenge #1 Layouts

All the scrappers managed to find the challenge
at our DT Jessy's blog :)
It was a unique challenge
to scrap about your favourite outfit!!
And the scrappers definately
did not fail to amaze us with their creativity!!!

Here are the lovely layouts for
Challenge #1

The following scrappers are
going forward to Challenge #2

1. Khei
2. Gracie
3. Vivs
4. Tilte
5. Maya
6. Helga
7. Felicia
8. Yvette
9. Timi


SK Crew would like to highlight again
that all layouts has to be posted
at the challenge post
by 9am the next day!!!
As for this challenge 1,
we are being nice to bend that rule :)
But for future challenge
we will not be accepting any layout
posted after 9am!

Scrappers please take note
all layouts for this Marathon
has to be exclusive for this Marathon!

Let's Race, Scrap & Win!!


Chowchow said...

Woohoo - such lovely submissions. Ladies - you are doing extremely well. Can't wait to see your next submission!

teacher jessy said...

Yaays!! Congrats to the next round!

Liza said...

Congratulations Ladies!