Monday, March 31, 2008

Canvas Winners

Sharon from Laines had picked Michelle & June as the winning canvases.
Michelle & June had won themselves Laines voucher
sponsored by Scrappin Kids
Scrappin Kids will keep in touch with you shortly!!

Here are the winning canvases


Friday, March 7, 2008

Submissions for Challenge #6

Here are the lovely and precious submissions by our Scrappers

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Canvases from our 1st Private Class

These are the lovely Canvases made by the class participants

Monday, March 3, 2008

Private Class @ Laine's Papeterie

Scrappin Kids had its
1st private class at Laine's last Saturday
All the scrappers had a great time playing around
with the different techniques on their canvases
Just take a look at these pics!!

Do look out for the completed canvases
by our scrappers by this weekend
Scrappin Kids has thrown a
surprise challenge to our scrappers!
Sharon, from Laine's will be picking
the 2 winners for this challenge.
Winners will each win for themselves, Laine's shopping vouchers !!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

FaVeY March

Your little one definately has something that he or she can't live without. It could be his/her blankie, pillow, food, toy or even a phrase!!
We would really love it for you to share it with us.

It's a FaVeY March at Scrappin Kids!!

FaVeY Challenge #6

Our layout challenge this month is to scrap about
your little one's favourite thing or things.
Do share it with us!!

Scrappin Kids is proud to announce to you our
March Guest Designer
Charlotte is from Denmark.
She is a mom to 2 lovely boys and has been scrapping
for the past 5 years.

"Hi! My name is Charlotte and I come from Denmark.
I started scrapbook 5 years ago.
As soon as I discovered this hobby, I knew I would love it.
I enjoy the creative process very much,
and I love to document our lives,
so further generations can read about us
and understand who we are/were.
I’m a working mom.
My two boys are 10 and 8 years old now,
and I’m happily married to a wonderful man.

Thank you for choosing me as the Guest Designer
here at Scrappin Kids.
I feel very honoured!"

Here's Charlotte's lovely take on this challenge

The Best Cake Ever
by Charlotte

"I had a lot of fun creating this layout.
I chose the theme to be about the birthday cake I always bake for the kids.
They ask me to bake this cake every year ...
and it has to have the shape as a train - and they put candy on it! :)
So this is my boys favourite cake ever!
And the journling is about the story of this cake:
That I have to bake it everytime they have a birthday.

Here are the layouts by our Residence Designers

Am Lost Without It!?
by Jasmin

"Nadya's favourite which she is hardly seen without is her cloth.
I have a pack of gauze cotton napkins which
instead of using them as diapers,
I found them useful for wiping up any milk spills
when feeding my babies when they were in their first few months.
They are pretty absorbent and easy to clean,
hence very practical for me.
However, as Nadya grew, this cloth habit or 'kain'
as we call it in Malay, stayed with Nadya up till now.
She loves the soft feeling of it
and makes her easier to settle down to sleep.
I am glad to be able to capture this time
when she's very much into it still.
Something that she will look back when she's much older
and maybe ask "Mama, did I actually feel lost without it?"

Journaling :
The Story of : NADYA'S "KAIN"
She will find it difficult to settle down to sleep
if her favourite cloth is not with her.
It's a good thing she's got lots of this,
so it's easy to hand a new clean one when it gets dirty.

My Favourite Bolster
by Leena

"When I was a child I have my own favourite pillow
which I cling on to day and night until I was 15.
My grandma threw it away because it's was filthy beyond recognition!
So, now my darling son has his own bolster which he wouldn't
let it out of his sight for a single moment!
It's some kind of a dose of comfort to him whenever its with him.
I realised that he has taken so much after me and
it brings a smile to my face when he reminds me of myself when I was young."

Journalling :
You could never leave this bolster out of your sight.
You love to twist the tip of it, smell it and laugh like there's no tomorrow.
It gives you the sense of security which no one could explain why.

Aaqil loves Alex & Koko Krunch
by Liza

"It's great that Aaqil has his own stuff that he takes comfort in now.
We doubt that Alex and KoKo Krunch will be for long
as he will soon outgrow this phase.
But we are savouring every moment of it!
It feels so good to be Parents as we get to see our
child's growing up stage and this hobby helps
us to remember and visualise Aaqil's Growing up Years!"

Journalling :
There are 2 things in the world that Aaqil can't do without.
Alex and Koko Krunch!
Alex has gone everywhere with him and we must have
Koko Krunch at home all the time!

by Wati

"Sunnies...he just love it!
He knows how to put it on even before he was one year old!
The funny part about it is, he only wears the sunnies
when we are out in the sun.....
My Adam, never fails to amaze me!!"

Journalling :
You just love to wear the sunnies!!
At a young age of 6 months, you felt so comfortable wearing it.
In fact, it is one of your fav things.

Do link your layout (on your blog) in the comments section
or send us a copy by email to
Remember you have until Monday, 31st March 2008
Midnight Eastern Time.

International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge.

This FaVeY March, Scrappin Kids is honoured to have
My Scrap Affair sponsoring the RAK.

Our Residence Designers will pick one favourite layout
and the winner will be announced on
Tuesday, 1st April 2008.

Do share with us your little one's favourite things!!

Challenge #5 Winner

It was really nice to see the lovely & precious layouts for
LoVeY Challenge #5
especially the journalling, it really touches our heart!
Thank you all for your submissions

The Residence Designers' favourite is........

Best Foot Forward by Michelle
She will be receiving this RAK sponsored by
My Scrap Affair

Scrappin Kids will keep in touch with you shortly

Thanks again for all your lovely submissions,
and we look forward to seeing more of your lovely layouts
during FaVeY March!!