Sunday, September 21, 2008

Submissions for Challenge #12

These are the Lovely and Precious Layouts submitted by our lovely scrappers

Rough IT

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Monday, September 1, 2008

"Mini ME" September

Do you ever see a photo of your lil ones
and it immediately reminded you of YOU!!!

"Mini ME"
Challenge #12

Our layout challenge this month is to scrap
about that particular photo of your little one
that reminded you of yourself!!
Do include a journalling as well

Scrappin Kids is proud to annouce our
September Guest DesignerEdleen Maryam

Edleen is from Singapore
She is a proud mom to 2 daughters & 2 sons
and had been scrapping for the past 3 years

"Hi Everyone! I'm Edleen Maryam
Wife to Ron and a Stay @ Home Mom Blessed with 4 Beautiful Kids.
I Love Travelling and have been fortunate to do so.
I enjoy Photography since I was young and with all my photos,I would compile them into an album with pieces of paper
cut from magazines and wrapping papers
and that was my Scrapbook collection then.
I started scrapbooking with Acid Free products
in November 2005 and has never stopped since!
Scrapbooking is also a form of therapy for me
as I truly enjoy the process with my number one Inspiration,that is my Family."

Here is Edleen's take on the challenge
"I have 4 Children and looking at their photographs
often reminds me of how I never really
had that many of my own Baby photos.
But the ones that I do, I truly cherish them.
This shot of Muesa and Aneesa truly reminds me
of me being with my own brother.
A sibling moment that I hope will alwaysbe the close bond that they will have forever."

Journalling :
I love this photo of Muesa & Aneesa.
He was about 5 and a half years and she about 12mths old.
This shot reminds me of times when I was a
Little Girl playing with my older brother.
Sadly, I don't have many photos of me when I was little.But the memories remain and I'm Thankful for that.
Whenever I look at photos of my children,
I see myself, a little of Me and Ron.
We are so Blessed and Thank God for Everything.
Here are the layouts by our Residence Designers

Dat's So Me

"This was definitely quite a challenge
trying to pick a photo that reflects me.As I find that in each of my kids, there's a bit about me in there.
After much searching going through
my big database of photos in my computer, I found this!
Syafiee definitely inherited my bookworm trait
and he has this habit of reading till he sleeps.
That was me when I was about his age,
when I found that I must have a read just before I sleep- and usually ended up the book staring at me. "
This pic really reminds me of myself
when I was such a bookworm.
That I even read myself to sleep.
And I still do it now that I'm a mom.

"I couldn't resist scrapping this photo of Aaqil
for this challenge and somehow he managed to mimic
my exact actions and tone of voicewhich always neverfails to remind me of ME!!!

This photo reminds me of ME!
This is the same gesture and the same word
that I do and use whenever I don't like you to do any naughty things.

"Adam is never afraid to try new things.
Just look at this photo, I managed
to capture Adam with my sunnies.
It definately reminded me of myself
who can't leave without my sunnies"

Adam loves to dress up and looking cool!
Look at this pic.
He just look so natural with my glasses
He shows that he is not afraid to be 'himself'
Just like me!

Check out these lovely layouts by our Design Team

U Remind Me Of
"This year, my husband and I've decided to let
Harvey go to school for the first time.
I've decided to enroll him at the same school
I went to some 20+ years ago.
And it really made me happy to be able to do that.
When first day came.. i was so happy
to see Harvey wearing the uniform I used to wear.
Really make me proud and it reminds me so much of myself"

I Adore You

"Enzo is one of my miracles in life...
after ten years of waiting and 2 unfortunate pregnancies,
we were blessed to have another bundle of joy.
And as he grow up, I see so much of myself in this little boy..."

Journalling :
"You are very much like Mommy...
Maybe not much in your physical looks
but more on your attitude...
jolly type of person but sooo shy at times,
throws the things within your reach whenever you are mad,
loved to pose and be photographed,
showy and vocal to every emotions felt.
I just adore everything about you Enzo!"

Splitting Image

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Challenge #11 Winner

Just look at those lovely layouts done by our scrappers
for"SpLaSHy" August
It is just sooo lovely & precious!

Thank you all for your submissions!!!

Scrappin Kids Crew's Favourite layout is
One Fine Day
Wendy Smith

Congrats, Wendy!!
We really love the photos and all the elements on the layout
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Thanks again for your lovely submissions,
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