Monday, October 27, 2008

Challenge #2 Layouts

Aside from the slight twist
scrappers managed to find the
challenge at RD Jasmin's blog!

Scrappers has to come up
with the most creative photo matting
And we were definately not
disappointed with the creations
by the scrappers!!
Awesomely Creative!!!

Here are the creative layouts for
Challenge #2

The following scrappers are
going forward to Challenge #3

1. Felicia
2. Khei
3. Maya
4. Vivs
5. Timi
6. Helga
7. Gracie
8. Tilte

We are sad to see Yvette leave the marathon!
Thanks Yvette for your support to Scrappin Kids!!

For the rest of the scrappers....

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