Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Craze

Can you believe it? We are left with 2 more months in 2007!!
Year end means holidays to most of us and of course Christmas is just within reach.

Here at Scrappin Kids we have lined up a few exciting activities for you this November.
Do join in the fun!!!


We hope everyone had fun with our 1st Scrappin Kids challenge!!
Here's our 2nd challenge.

A smile never fails to brighten up the day and if that smile comes from our little one, it is just priceless! The 1st smile from our little one is always remembered and we would like you to tell us about it.
Go dig out those old photos, search for that 1st smile pic and rekindle those moments again.

Check out the 1st smile of our Residence Designers' little ones.

Smile for Mama
by Jasmin

Journalling :
"It's not easy to catch a pic of a baby when he/she is giving his/her 1st SMILE!
But looking through your pics, Mama foun this photo of you smilling.
It may not be your 1st smile but it's definately your 1st PICTURE of your SMILE!!

~ Always smile thru your life my boy ~

Love, Mama"

"For me, coming up with a picture for this layout wasn't easy as I had no photos of any of my 4 kids showing off their 1st smiles. But thank goodness, I found this one of my son, Syafiee smiling for the camera. Although this layout may not necessarily potray his first smile, but it is his 1st picture of him smiling.
Syafiee is now 9 years old coming on 10 this January, that explain the 'aged' look of the photo!"

S is for Smile
by Leena
"Ethan was only home 2 days after birth and was whisked away to the hospital again for a severe jaundice and had to be warded for a few days. I was really sad that he was not at home by my side. So, when I visited him in the hospital, he was all excited to see me & to hear my voice. When I cooed & fussed over him, this was the 1st smile he gave to me, with a slight wink!! I know he's going to be a lady killer when he grows up!!"

by Liza

Journalling :
"Remembering your 1st smile always warms my heart. I'm glad and am thankful that I was there to enjoy the Precious Moments!! I Love You!!"

"I totally love this photo of Aaqil when he was only a few days old. I didn't do a multi photo layout this time as I wanted to focus the attention onto Aaqil's precious smile"

I Love that Smile, Seriously
by Wati

Journalling :
"Just by looking at your smile, it definately make my day!!
Your 1st smile captured at 2 weeks old"

"Adam loves to smile as a baby, but I was not able to captured it until he was at 2 weeks old. Till now, he has that charming smile that never fails to make my day and melts my heart!!"

We would love to see the 1st smile of your precious one.
Do link your layout (on your blog) in the comments section or send us a copy by email to
Remember you have until Friday, 30th November 2007 Midnight Eastern Time.
International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge.

This month, Scrappin Kids is honoured to have My Scrap Affair sponsoring the RAK.
A draw will be conducted and the winner will be announced on Saturday, 1st December 2007.
The lucky winner will win the RAK below, compliments of
My Scrap Affair

The RAKs consist of :
12 pieces of Paper Trunk Pattern Papers
1 piece of Purple Onion Design Vintage Post Mark Set


Are you wonderful ladies ready for a Scrappin Kids swap???!!!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, we want to do something that we can all use for this Christmas and it is also a time of giving and receiving presents, right??!!

So, wouldn't it be FABULOUS to decorate your Christmas tree with an altered coaster with your child's initials on it as your Christmas ornament?

This swap is open to all local and international scrappers.

All you need to do is to email us at with your name, address and 1 child's initial by 15th November 2007.
You will then receive your swapping partners details.
You would then receive a coaster (by us thru mail) to alter for your swapping partner.
Complete it by 5th December 2007 and mail it directly to your partner in time for Christmas!

So hurry up, sign up now......
We could almost feel the Christmas spirit in the air!!!

Here's Wati's Christmas ornament


Scrappin Kids is proud to present to you our sponsor.........
My Scrap Affair

My Scrap Affair is a brand new online store stocking new, different or unavailable brands for your scrapping/cardmaking needs! It was set up my Ms Fio to satisfy her constant craving for new scrapbooking supplies especially patterned papers and stamps, and to have a place she can call her own! If you are looking for something unique to add to your projects, you might just find them here!

We are pleased to announce that for every layout submitted for Challenge #2, you are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases at My Scrap Affair.

We will email to you a promotional code specially for you to check out upon your purchase at My Scrap Affair.


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Phew......didn't we say it's a crazy November here at Scrappin Kids!!!
Do join in the craze!!!


iris said...

You ladies make truly BEAUTIFUL pages. This is a site for inspiration. Congratulations!! Hope you don't mind, I linked you up.

JazzScraps said...

Hello Iris!
Thank you for your lovely comment...and don't forget to join us in our challenge and fun swap!! We would so love to see your creation!!


Wati Basri said...

hei Iris...thanks for dropg by & sure link us up :) and don't forget to join us at Scrappin Kids!

Leena said...

Thank you Iris for linking us up!! Really looking forward to your creation soon!! You're truly an inspiration!!

Liza said...

Hi Iris. Thank you for linking us up! We look forward to seeing your Gorgeous Creations soon!! Your works are truly inspirational!

Norhayati Mohd said...

Am I the 1st to submit??? hehhe

Here's my take

I had fun doin it! Thxs for the great idea yet again!


JazzScraps said...

Woohoo Yati!! WTG!!
Yes!! Yes!! You're the 1st to submit! That was real superfast coming up with a layout within just a few days of announcing the challenge.


Leena said...

This is beautiful Yati!!! Thks for taking up this challenge!!

Wati Basri said...

yati....that is awesome! really precious... :) thanks for playing at Scrappin Kids....

Liza said...

Wohooo That is one terrific Layout! So precious! Thanks for kickstarting this challenge Yati!

liliput said...

Hi Ladies,

this is my take for the challenge :)


Stephanie Mah said...

here is my take.(:

Wati Basri said...

thanks Lily for playing along!that is a lovely layout.. :)

Wati Basri said...

steph...precious layout!thanks for playing along at Scrappin Kids! :)

salme said...

Hi Ladies,

My take on the challenge :-)

Thank you!


SunnyMommie said...

here is mine:

thank you!!!

Leena said...

Thank you ladies for taking up this challenge!! All of your LOs are really realy lovely!!

JazzScraps said...

Lovely LO ladies!!! Thanks for playing at ScrappinKids!!


Liza said...

Wow! Great Layouts Ladies! They are all so precious & lovely!!! Can't wait to see more layouts from all you lovely ladies!

June said...

Here's my layout.

Wati Basri said...

sookie,kathy & June...awesome layouts and heartfelt journalling! thanks for playg along at Scrappin Kids :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wow... another happening month @ scrappin kids... I haven't upload mine... but you all have very lovely LO here!

Wati Basri said...

thanks we said it's a crazy November...btw can't wait to see your layout :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

sorry... I'm late. This is mine:

Wati Basri said...

sharine...saw your layout...and that smile of your DD is just captivating... :)

Liza said...

A truly Lovely and Precious Layout there Sharine! Thanks for your lovely submission!

JazzScraps said...

Lovely Sharine! Lovely!!

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