Friday, February 1, 2008

LoVeY February

February is where everyone is celebrating LOVE.
This is a time to stop everything you are doing and start to cherish your love ones.

Here at Scrappin Kids, we are celebrating love as well.
It's a LoVeY February at Scrappin Kids.

LoVeY Challenge #5

Our layout challenge this month is to scrap about your family.
The layout has to include a photo of your family and
we would like you to journal how much your family means to you.
Do share your love with us!!

Scrappin Kids is proud to introduce to you our
February Guest Designer
Katey Bowers

Katey is from Ohio, United States.
She is a mother of Malia and Donovan.
She had been scrapping for 2 1/2 years.

"Hi! I am Katey from Ohio. I am born deaf.
My fiancé and kids are deaf too.
I’m staying at home and being mommy to my two babies Malia (2) and Donovan (10 months). I started scrapbook about 2 ½ years ago.
When Malia was a little baby, that is when I started scrapbooking and got hooked to it.
I want to have many good memory of my family.
I’m so excited to be part of this awesome team!
I love to learn and share this passion with the wonderful scrappers."

Here's Katey lovely take on this challenge.

by Katey
"This is my whole family.
I just can't imagine how I could live without them.
They are important in my life.
I found perfect poem of how I feel about my family"

Poem :
A Family is a Place to cry, to laugh, to vent frustration,
to ask for help and tease and yell to be kissed and hugged and smiled at.
A Family is People who care when you are sad,
who love you no matter what,
who share your triumphs,
who don't expect you to be perfect just grow with honesty in our own direction.
A Family is a Circle where we learn to like ourselves,
where we learn to make good decisions,
where we learn to think before we do,
where we learn integrity and respect for others,
where we are special, where we share ideas,
where we listen and are listened to,
where we learn the rules of life to prepare ourselves for the world.
The world is a Place where anything can happen.
If we grow in a Loving Family, We are ready for the world.

Here are the lovely layouts done by our Residence Designers

Blessed Joy
by Jasmin
"It is almost difficult to define when one gets asked
"What does your family means to you?"
That is because it is almost give unselfishly to them,
you learn so many things about life (and still learning) from them,
you want to protect them, the list just goes on and on.....
but what matters most LOVE them whole-heartedly and unconditionally.
I am indeed blessed."

Journalling :
My beloved family, You all are the special blessing given to me.
I feel thankful, I feel blessed.
I feel my need to never let anything or anyone get in the way
- to break our amazing bond
- the most powerful bond called LOVE.
I love you all!

Together Always
by Leena
"I always find it difficult to put it into words
to tell my family how much I really love them & how much they mean to me.
So, from now onwards, I'm going to write
so much journaling about my feelings for my family
that they'll always remember I'll always be there with them
and for them and how much I LOVE them!"

Journalling :
I couldn't imagine life without my family.
I'm truly blessed with a loving husband and a wonderful son.
They make me laugh, share my joy and sorrow, they make me go all silly too!
They're the reason why I live and I truly love them with all my heart! xoxo.

Always & Forever
by Liza
"It's great to be able to scrap about my family.
Thank you Scrappinkids for giving me this chance.
However, it was difficult for me to journal about my family.
How do you put your feelings and love for your family down to only a few sentences...........
I hope I did....for my family to understand
and know that they are my WORLD!"

Hidden Journalling:
I love my family as they are everything to me.
We were a twosome fo a very long time and now we are COMPLETE!
My Family is my WORLD, my EVERYTHING!
Without them, there is no ME!

3 is Not A Crowd
by Wati "This is the only photo that we had ever taken as a family
that turn out really well.
3 of us were smilling, as you can see from our faces,
we are just too blessed to have each other!
No words could ever describe how precious they are to me!"

Journalling :
3 is definately not a crowd for us!
Adam came to my life in 2006.
He filled up that missing piece of our family.
Adam & Chris mean everything to me!!
No doubt!!!

Do link your layout (on your blog) in the comments section
or send us a copy by email to
Remember you still have until Friday, 29th February 2008
Midnight Eastern Time.
International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge.

This LoVey February, Scrappin Kids is honoured to have
My Scrap Affair sponsoring the RAK.

Our Residence Designers will pick one favourite layout
and the winner will be announced on
Saturday, 1st March 2008.

Do share with us how much your family means to you!


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