Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scrappin Kids Design Team

Firstly we would like to thank those
who had applied for the Design Team Call
All the layouts submitted were absolutely awesome
It was difficult for us to chose just one DT
instead we ended up chosing 4 DTs for this term

Scrappin Kids is proud to announce that we had chosen

Cookie Aguilar
Issa Lucido
Jessy Christopher
Sara Noendeng

to be in our Design Team till Dec 2008

Do look out for their lovely creations during this term
For the rest of the scrappers, do look out for the next DT Call

Let's get to know a bit more about our Design Team

Cookie Aguilar

"I’m Cookie Aguilar, a scrapper from the Philippines.
I’m 30 years old, married for 4 years to a very supportive husband
named Henry and a full-time mom
to a sweet and energetic 3-year old boy Harvey.

Been seriously scrapping since May 2007.
I love this hobby so much because
it makes me express my love for my family, for art.
Makes me meet new friends and it’s my sanity pill
after a tiring day doing household chores
and performing mommy duties.

My family is my main source of inspiration.
I scrap because of them…
I love to take pictures of our everyday moments
and create pages out of it.

It’s also my way of expressing my thoughts
and wishes especially for my dear Harvey.
I want to have something for him
to see when he’s all grown up.
I want to show him how I value every detail
of his growing years with me.

I still have a lot to learn in scrapbooking,
and I would be glad to share them to you guys too!
Hope to be able to inspire people with my work!"

Issa Lucido

"I'm Issa Lucido from the Philippines.
I'm a stay-at-home Mommy to two boys...
Luigi, 14 and my baby Enzo, 4.
I'm married for more than 15 years to Dodo,
an Aquaculturist by profession.
Since I have 3 playful boys (that includes my hubby!)
to look after, we enjoy outdoor fun
and activities like hiking, biking, swimming and travelling.
I was into craft business since the 90's,
I had a cross stitch and
framing store for almost 10 years.

When Luigi was born, I had a baby book made
and decorated for him.
I thought I was just "decorating" the pages,
I never knew that it was called scrapbooking
until 2003 when I met my bestfriend Timi.
She showed me her albums
and I instantly became addicted to Scrapbooking.

My boys, my family and our adventures
are my common subjects for my pages.
I love to paint, hand cut, sew
and discover different techniques to enhance each pages.
Of all the crafts that I tried,
Scrapbooking is the best one for me!
It brings out the best in my creativity,
exercises my brain in writing my journals,
helps me learn so much from my kids and husband
for their constructive critisisms,
chance to meet new friends
and to keep all those memories for life."

Jessy Christopher

"Hi! I'm Jessy Christopher, 27,
a preschool teacher and a photographer here in Malaysia.
Mixed parentage of Indonesian, Chinese & Dutch.
I've been married to my sweetheart, Eric for almost 3 years now
& we are proud owners of 5 fur-kids.
We do not have children at the moment, hopefully very soon!

My precious students & family members are my fav subject.
I started on paper scrapbooking about early last year,
till I found digital scrapbooking in October 2007, stumbled upon it while browsing.
Have been very occupied with digital scrapbooking then.

I'm also in the CT (Creative Team) for a couple of digital designers.
What I love the most about scrapbooking
is the freedom to express myself.
There's no boundaries, I can do whatever I want on my layout.
Still consider myself as fairly new to digital
& also paper scrapbooking but it has become quite a passion
and when I have any free time, it's the first thing to do in my list!"

Sara Noendeng

"G'day! I'm Sara from Australia.
Wifey to Nathan for 2.5 years
and working Mumma to Jet for 13 months.
I started scrapping in 2003
after my mum was invited to a CM party
and wasn't interested in going.
I went in her place and the rest they say is history.
I love scrapping and do something scrap related every day.
I have my own dedicated room
and I am constantly in there jotting down ideas or starting layouts.
Jet is my main scrap topic
but have also done lots of hubby and I
as well as other friends and family.
I am really looking forward to designing for Scrappin Kids."


hannie said...

Congratulation ladies! surely gonna check back in again on your lovely creation.

jonaks said...

congrats ladies. lvoed your creations so far. so

cabbie lopez said...

congrats ladies!!! cant wait to see your creations and the challenges!

Liza said...

Congratulations Ladies! Welcome to our SK family!