Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's time.....

This month, Scrappin Kids will be celebrating
its 2nd birthday
How time had flies!

It had been a great 2 years with an awesome support
from scrappers around the world
and of course with a great crew in tow,
Scrappin Kids was such a blessed to have!

However, life had been a little overwhelming lately
with a new portfolio at work and
with Adam needing the constant attention,
it's a little challenging to manage Scrappin Kids

With a heavy heart, Scrappin Kids blog
will be closed by end October 2009
It is not an easy decision, but I think I should do it!
Of course, I will still be scrapping *no doubt*
and still be designing for other sites as well

I would like to express my deepest thanks
to every single scrappers out there
who had supported Scrappin Kids all these years
I had known a lot of scrappers thru Scrappin Kids
and I am trully grateful and blessed for that

There will be no challenge this month,
however I would like you share with me
what Scrappin Kids means to you
and do share with me your favourite layout
that was inspired by Scrappin Kids challenges

Do email me at
or just post it at the comments section

Meanwhile, its not a goodbye from me for now
more of...SEE YOU SOON!!

Wati Basri :)


teacher jessy said...

It's really sad to see SK go but everything has its time and season. I wish you, Wati and all the SK crews, supporters & secret readers (if there are any :)) all the best in your future undertakings. SK has been an inspiration to many & especially to me! See you ladies around!

Lots of XOXO

~Sasha Farina~ said...

sometime, the best decision is pretty hard :) *hugs* See you soon darlin'!

Chowchow said...

Awww Wati babe. I agree with Sasha that the decision is hard. SK has been around for 2 years and its been a GREAT 2 years. I remember when I used to check this blog for themes and titles to scrapbook my own kids. It has served me so well and to see it go, it will be hard as we have been together for so long. But life goes on and its time to move on. I hereby wish you and everyone who has tirelessly contributed to SK the best and may SK lives on in us and we still continue to scrap about our kids one time or another.

Wati Basri said...

awww..jessy, sasha & ladies are just awesome...i'm all teary reading those comments! it is not an easy move for me, but life has to move on! thank you from the bottom of my heart for being along with me in this superb journey!! hugs

Jasmin said...

Babe...I'm truly honoured to have been a part of SK esp. at the birth of it. And I guess I owe this blog some final words from me.
I understand how difficult it must be for you to have come to this decision and stuck to it. It's like seeing your baby all grown and realised that it's time to let go no matter how much it hurts. But what's most important is that it somehow teaches us what life is all about and the beautiful thing is that it leaves such wonderful memories.
Without SK, I will never have gotten to know you and all the wonderful scrappers. Despite our busy times as moms, we still had a place to go to in our "me" time and SK is one of those special places that they go to.

Wati, you have made SK such a blast and I really have to salute you for all this!! You are truly an inspiration babe!!

Hugs ya!!
Take care now and of course...see you online (or offline when I do come down to SG! hee!!)

Monique said...

I was really really sad to learn that SK was going to come to a close, especially as I was just getting everyone to know better. I l love you all and am going to miss you! Thanks Wati for giving me a place among your "crew", I have had a marvelous time! Wishing you and the rest of the RT & DT all the best and hope to see a lot of you all some place else!!
Big hug,

Mazlina said...

sad to see SK go.. had fun in the brief moment of getting to know SK.. all the best watie!

Vivs said...

You will be missed SK! Take care babe!

Liza said...

it's sad to hear sk closing down already wati. sk has been a great source of inspiration. and, i agree that i've also met a lot of talented ladies like you through sk. will still be on the lookout for your creations on your personal blog. hugs! and cheers to new endeavors for you!

Ems said...

Oh no! So sad to hear it but I know we'll see you around! Go rock them with your creations!

Renee said...

O... I just found out today from Yatie's blog.Thank you Wati for creating SK. I believe I was more active with SK compare to the other forums I have been. Most of my creations were based on the challenges and tutorials I had join in. Thank you for all those inspiring creations and encouragements =) I'm really going miss SK...