Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Challenge #18

Half a year of 2009 is gone, 
how time flies!!!
After a summer break now its time to scrap about it!


Vacation or an outing is always fun for the kids
However, there are some moments that are not the most pleasant
Document the real story behind the photos that captures
your kid's personality right at that moment
Do include journalling as well

This month we will have the new SK Crew
sharing their interpretation on this challenge
A slight change in SK, only 4 members from the SK Crew
will showcase their layouts here every month
You will see different crews' layouts every month!!

Here are the lovely layouts from the SK Crew

RD Cookie

This photo was taken during our Baguio vacation
I remembered Harvey was so tired and wanted a short nap
You become so iritable and grouchy and just don't want to do anything
but to have the nap

"I remember you were crying so hard that day
We were going to go out and visit places in Baguio,
but you were so sleepy that you began to cry
throwing tantrum at us!
Poor baby"

RD Michelle

For most of the time, Sean is a happy go lucky child
God forbid when he gets tired,
this child is most capable of throwing a tantrum in pubic
I apologise for the quality of photos taken but
it was so impromptu that I had just had time to snap snap only

We were busy that weekend
Sean help out in a charity bazaar the night before
and the next we had to wake up early for his art exhibition
which lasted 2 hours
As you can see he was getting tired 
and when I made him finish his rice
he dissolved into tears!
sigh.....sometimes I wish that he realises 
that he is no longer a baby


"Celebrating Halloween in Disneyland was not what Bianca
expected it to be
Instead of happy,colourful characters, 
she saw dark and scary creatures, esp at night
While waiting for dinner to be served, mommy, Luis and Nadya
stepped out to see the fireworks,
leaving Bianca and Daddy at the table
She was to scared to go out again but didn't want to be
left behind so just bawled her eyes  out 
until we all got back in time for a spooky Halloween inspired dinner"


"When the Carnival Water Park just opened,
Me & Baba thought it would be fun to take you there
since you love everything water!
Boy we were wrong!!!
There were so many people and the music was too loud
that they were too confusing and disorienting for you
You had to cover your ears all the time and cried your eyes out
That sure thought us not to make assumptions about you!!"

Do link you layout (on your blog) in the comments section
or send us a copy by email to
Please submit by
Friday, 31st July 2009 Midnight Eastern Time

International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge
SK Crew will pick on favourite layout
and the winner will be annouce 
on Saturday, 1st Aug 2009
Do share your creations with us!!


Yatie said...

Awesome LOs, everyone!!
Ria, what a coincidence that we both chose the same title.. LOL!!
Great minds think alike, indeed!!

Monique said...

Great interpretation of the challenge everyone!!! Love your layouts!! Our summer holidays will have to start yet, but I'll sure remember to snap pics of the kids when they are not so happy!! (but with them 6 weeks at home it will probably pics of their mom being "not so happy!!!" LOL!!

Chowchow said...

Wow! So many different interpretations and great jobs everyone!

Its great to scrap the happy moment but its also memorable to scrap the not so happy ones...

Jeff and Pia said...

Great takes on the challenge everyone!

Mazlina said...

Hi... here's my take.. a simple layout of my son..

thanks for the challenge!

Techie said...


I emailed my LO two days ago. I hope it got through.


malwa said...

Hi! I stumbled over your lovely blog and since I had a photo that was perfect for this challenge I thought I'd have a try. :)

Here's an LO about my youngest daughter - terrified when visiting the zoo ;)

Liza said...

Love all your layouts, inspiring!
Here's my take for this month's challenge:

This is about my niece Christabel.

I Want My Mommy

Ah Mei said...

Thanks for the Challenge! Enjoyed viewing all the posted LOs.

My take's on