Friday, May 2, 2008

DarNesT May

Kids say the DarNesT things!
That's why it is sooo important to keep a pen & paper handy at all times!
You'll never know when you're going to overhear a conversation
that you will never want to forget!!!

DarNesT Challenge #8

Our layout challenge this month is to scrap about
the darnest things that your lil ones ever said.
Do share it with us!!!

Scrappin Kids is proud to announce our
May Guest Designer

Yatie is from Malaysia
She is a mom to a lil princess, Nadiah
and has been scrapping over a year

"Hi everyone. I'm Yatie from Malaysia.
I'm a mother of a 6 year old girl.
I've been scrapping since July 2007 and LOVE every single thing about it.
From the shopping, to the techniques, to the shopping,
to the placement of elements... oh did I mention shopping?
Don't we all love shopping?
But most of all what I love about scrapbooking is the friends
that I've made all over the world.
Friends who share the same passion as I do.
Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say
thank you to Scrappin Kids for inviting me to be the Guest DT for this month.
It is such an honour"

Here's Yatie's lovely take on this challenge

"Danger Danger"

"My daughter, Nadiah, doesn't say much.
But when she does, she usually surprises us.
One of her favourite things to do is to watch her kiddie shows on the computer.
She has now declared one of the pcs at home personally hers.
And when she's watching, nobody is allowed to touch.
One day, her 1 year old cousin was curious and started playing
with the keyboard and mouse
and Nadiah cried out "Danger! Danger!"
And I never even knew that she knows the word "danger". "

Here are the layouts by our Residence Designers

How much u love bapa?
by Jasmin

"I'm afraid I never managed to write down what my kids
have said when they were younger.
But there was one moment we vividly remembered
what Iman said when she was about 2 years plus.
We asked her how much she loved us,
expecting her to reply back "Very Much!"
but alas! this was not the answer we were looking for! LOL!!"

"You were only about 2 years plus when one day we asked you:
"Do you love Mama?"
Iman: Yes
Mama: How much?
Then Mama asked again"Do you love Bapa?"
Iman: Yes
Mama: How much?

This is NOT China!
by Liza
"Aaqil's at that age where he is inquisitive,
talks a lot and gives his opinions freely.
He says the darnest things all the time!
But this particular incident jumped out at me
when I was given this challenge,
as he was so adamant that we landed in the wrong country!"

Journalling :
"As soon as you saw Beijing's modern skyline,
you said "This is not China!
The man on the plane brought us to the wrong China!
I want to go to the correct China!"
You had your own idea of how China should look like!"

by Wati

"Adam started to talk at 20 months,
now at 25 months old, he has began to talk more!!
His favourite word for now is "NO".
Anything you ask him, he will answer "NO!!"


"Adam, have you eaten? ~ NO!
Adam, have you drink your milk? ~ NO!
Adam have you taken your shower? ~ NO!
Adam fav word at 24 months ~ NO!
Every questions we ask from you
will be answered ~ NO!!"

Do link your layout (on your blog) in the comments section
or send us a copy by email to
Remember you have until Saturday, 31st May 2008
Midnight Eastern Time.
International scrappers are most welcome to join this challenge.

This DarNesT May, Scrappin Kids is honoured to have
My Scrap Affair sponsoring the RAK.

Our Residence Designers will pick one favourite layout
and the winner will be announced on Sunday, 1st June 2008.

Do share with us your creations!!


cabbie lopez said...

AWESOME layouts girls!!!!!

Wati Basri said...

thanks Cabbie...can't wait to see your take on the challenge!

Vivs said...

Thanks so much SK for holding this cute challenge!!

Here's my entry:

TFL! :)

Wati Basri said... is such a cute LO!thanks for playing along....

JazzScraps said...

Vivs, totally love your LO!!
thanks for playing along in this cute challenge!!

patricia dias said...


I loved this challenge. And so gorgeous pages. I´m inspired!!!

Liza said...

Lovely Layouts Ladies! Thank you for the lovely submissions! The kids are all soo amazing!